The Hanged Man

Keywords: Change of view point, decisions suspended, Wisdom, self surrender.

Attributes: Water element

Have you ever tried Sirsha-Asana also known as THE HEADSTAND? It is a yogic posture in which you hold your body upside down for a few seconds in the beginning and gradually increase the time as you advance. It feels weird yet very energising, the blood pumps to the head and body tingles. Not only it boosts the brain but also helps prepare it for cosmic consciousness. There are various physical benefits too, but let’s focus purely on energy for now aye?

The ancient seers and yogis of Bharata (Officially know as India) understood the importance of inverting the human body long ago. And incorporated this wisdom into their daily lives as yoga asanas or postures/holds. According to yogic texts body when held in a specific asana or posture helps the mind achieve a certain degree of cosmic expansion. Of course the effects are not immediate but gradually you feel the subtle changes dawning upon your consciousness.

I guess that’s exactly what hanged man is upto. For a moment notice his body language he seems pretty relaxed for a guy hanging up side down. With no lines of worry on face, his face glows with childlike radiance. It’s like he is fully aware of the process and pretty relaxed about it too. This enables him to perceive things differently from those around him. The norse god Odin hanged himself from the world tree Yggdrasil, contemplated the depths of existence, as a result received the sacred wisdom and gifted it as runes to mankind.

I have noticed when people get the hanged man to often in their readings, either they are going through tough times with the norms of society, having difficulty settling in the so called normal life. To have a different viewpoint in this so called normal world have been dangerous anyways. Or they are torn between leaving something they are dearly attached to. This makes this card a little tricky in the readings. Notice the neighbouring cards if you have cards which promote flow and continuity (like chariot, wheel of fortune, 6 of wands, 8 of cups etc.) the brighter side of the hanged man is in action. But if you have stagnant cards (like Devil, 8 of swords, 4 of cups, 4 of disks etc.) around the hanged man prepare for a rough patch down the road that is going to test your limits of being able to surrender. 

The interesting fact with the hanged man is, that the pressure to detach is not as abrupt or sudden as the death or tower. You can stay in suspension for as long as you wish. It won’t press you to learn your lesson over night but the sooner you learn it the better it is.

On the tree of life the hanged man connects geburah (Limitations) to hod (Intellect) bringing in the aspect of suffering and being tied to something. The limitation of intellect is indeed a curse which kills the life energy slowly and ties men to illusions. 

“His arms are tied behind his back forming a triangle, base downwards. It is the formula of the” Saviour”, bringing light to the men of earth”.

– Israel Regardie

The hanged man with the different suits of Tarot: 

Wands: The hanged man doesn’t share a very cordial relationship with the fiery wands. The natural nature of the hanged man is to put things in suspension which restricts the upward roar of fire resulting in not being able to grab opportunities and missing them. 

Cups: Hanged Man with lot of cups in a reading gently reminds us to reevaluate our emotions. To take a step back and not flow with our emotions and observe our emotional state from a distance. Helping us see details otherwise missed.

Swords: Many swords pointing towards hanged man in a reading, is a waring that should not be ignored. The irritable nature of swords strain the hanged man and doesn’t let him enjoy his suspension in peace. 

Disks: The heavy earthy nature of disks is a very welcoming energy for the hanged man. The disks in my opinion are the laziest suit in tarot. They move slowly and sometime love to keep things in suspension just like hanged man. To many disks with hanged man is a sign that things will move slowly but will move for sure.

So that was the hanged man folks, hope you enjoyed reading the post as much as I enjoyed writing it. 


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