The Emperor

Keywords: Authority, Discipline, Leadership, Father, Strategies, Taking charge. 

Attributes: Aries

“Not everyone gets the same version of me. One person might tell you I have an amazing, beautiful soul. Another might tell you I’m a cold-hearted asshole. Believe them both. I don’t treat people badly. I treat them accordingly.”

– Tom Hardy

That was solid right? I love this quote by Tom, it resonates so much with the emperor. He is cold, heartless driven by logic and reasoning one moment and protective yet soft the other moment. I find the emperor to be one of the most complex personality card. He stands for discipline and structure but yet I sense something soft about him that keeps me hooked. He is the one who speaks of authority and order. His energy helps bring structure in otherwise chaotic life. 

When you see this magnificent man visiting your readings often, tightening your belt and prepare to cut shit out of your life. Being the lover of structure and order, decluttering is how his energy manifests into life sometimes. You’ll notice sudden urge to get in order and clean your life. Do it, following that advice would help you lighten up immensely.

Remember empress? She was the burst of energy that helped manifested different realities. Now the emperor is the dam that holds the energy empress brings forth and form it into structures. Together they happily manifest endless creations. Both of them are the archetypal mother and father. One teaches the importance of creativity whereas the other emphasises on the need of channelling that creativity into meaningful art. Inspiration alone cannot make art, the artist needs to channel it through some medium.

In a reading emperor stresses on the need of taking charge of your own life. It is important to have your own plan and sincerity to follow it. To invoke his energy in your life, make plans, draw strategies and think logically. Try to see bigger side of your life and momentarily forget the details. Try to setup your own rules and take inspiration form your idols. Be active because this will help you use his martian aries enthusiasm to get work done.

It is good to have plans and power to execute them but remember sometimes people mistake control as real power. And that’s how the dark side of emperor manifests itself. Don’t get lost in his promises of high status and fame, keeping compassion in heart & mind helps. One wrong turn and he makes you power hungry control freak. Once the emperor’s energy is out of sync it makes you use power, status and force to get what you want. It turns the most angelic and virtuous people to self centered narcissistic bitches. So watch out and be careful… 

Astrologically aries the ram is attributed to the emperor. This gives him his bossy leadership skills and fiery enthusiasm. Aries being the natural first house or ascendant in astrology symbolises the self, personality of the person. The face they show to the world.  

Quick tip: To find out about the personality of someone, just shuffle the deck with the person in mind and now find the emperor in the deck. Check the three cards following the emperor and try to interpret them as the personality of the person in the question. The use of emperor as significator makes it easy to keep mind focused on the person in question. 

On the tree of life, the emperor connects Chokmah (wisdom) to Tiphareth (beauty). I feel this is the secret of his softer side. This position helps emperor bring beauty in order.

The Emperor with different suits of Tarot:

Wands: The fire in wands make emperor feel at home. When the emperor is surrounded by many wands it’s time to check how you express your creative energy. Don’t let the energy burn into useless smoke. Channel it wisely and use the fire to grow. 

Cups: When the emperor is surrounded by many cups. He asks us to stay rooted in logic and don’t color our decisions with emotions. Another aspect of this combination asks us to enjoy the sweet things in life. (Of course when with kinder and happy cups).

Swords: Many swords pointing at emperor brings to picture his ability to plot and make strategies. Which can make or break depending on the type of swords he choose to appear with.

Disks: The emperor with many disk brings into the reading society and government the client has to deal with. He initiates new projects when paired with the ace of disks and warns about some possible loss in business when with five of disks.

That was my take on the emperor friends. Let me know what do you think of it.


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