Truly Easy Tarot – Book by Mantis

If you love Tarot and stick to instagram for your daily dose of Tarot medicine, I am sure you must have stumbled upon Mantis’s instagram handle. And if by chance this true gem has managed to stay hidden from you go check it now! Now coming back to @mantis_tarot you can call it a digital art gallery of Tarot, where you find beautiful and thought provoking tarot readings. And immediately notice Mantis’s down to earth desire to help fellow humans with the magik of Tarot and energy medicine.

Though Mantis doesn’t need any intro but I am glad that I have an opportunity to write a few words about him. Mantis hails from the beautiful desert lands of Southern California. Ample of sun, sand and beautiful views: energies from all these blended together make Mantis a soulful tarot reader with a vision and a desire to contribute something meaningful to Tarot community. His sincere desire manifested as — Truly Easy Tarot — written with a purpose to make tarot open and easily approachable by anyone.

I am grateful that I got an opportunity to read his beautiful book. Thank you Mantis for giving me an opportunity to read your book and share my feedback.

If I have to describe Truly Easy Tarot in 3 words those would be-


2) BOLD 


The book is a joy to read, far from the noisy new age Tarot books which eclips the real essence of Tarot and cloud it with unwanted associations. Truly Easy Tarot is like an old friend holdling your hand and taking you on a journey of discovering tarot with simplicity. The book starts with Mantis’s touching story of finding his place in spirituality and discovering the beauty of Tarot in this incarnation.

The book then progresses further to touch lightly upon the History of Tarot, and its evolution over time from a pack of cards to serious tool used for divination. For me this is the perfect amount of information needed to learn the background of Tarot cards. (After all, all we want is to learn to use the cards asap, not write a paper on their history aye?). That’s the simplicity truly easy tarot promises in every page. The explanations on Major arcana are deep yet easy to understand. Mantis doesn’t bore you with heavy spiritual jargons which fly over your head, but keeps it easy.

The best part of the book for me is how beautifully the keywords are integrated into meaningful sentences. It’s like finally someone is giving keywords the respect they deserve. (Lol 😂 ) rather than tossing keywords on the top of the page randomly. Every keyword is explained in context to the meaning of the cards.

Let’s take The Fool for an example, the most common keyword used for the fool is leap of faith. Mantis doesn’t give you cut dry leap of faith but cares to explain it like this, “wondering whether to start that awesome new project or endeavour? This card invites you to take a leap of faith”. There, there did you just notice how awesome and kind that is? Reading about every card is a joy in this book. Another fact my virgo mind immediately noticed is the same amount of attention given to minor arcana cards. They are not neglected and crammed into few words but delightfully expanded and explained. For readers who enjoy reversed cards in their Tarot readings, they too are taken care of by providing the wisdom in reversed cards. The card meanings are not watered down or sugar coated to make them more palatable or appealing. Good remains good and bad is bad. I like reading this kind of – a dash of boldness with honesty way of writing.

Moving on, the final part of the book is where things start to roll. This section provide readers 20 different tarot spreads to choose from and begin their tarot reading journey. The tarot spreads are given their own index page with name and page number for easy reach. Small details matter for the bigger picture to look beautiful. Small details like the one I just mentioned shows how thoughtfully the book is structured keeping simplicity in mind.

Truly easy tarot offers something for everyone. Be it a beginner or an advance student of tarot everybody will learn something new from the book. This is the book I can confidently give to anyone with a promise, that this book will teach you Tarot and help you understand the beauty tarot is…

Love and Peace

Sameer Brijwasi

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