The Emperor

Keywords: Authority, Discipline, Leadership, Father, Strategies, Taking charge.  Attributes: Aries “Not everyone gets the same version of me. One person might tell you I have an amazing, beautiful soul. Another might tell you I’m a cold-hearted asshole. Believe them both. I don’t treat people badly. I treat them accordingly.” - Tom Hardy That was solid … Continue reading The Emperor

The Hanged Man

Keywords: Change of view point, decisions suspended, Wisdom, self surrender. Attributes: Water element Have you ever tried Sirsha-Asana also known as THE HEADSTAND? It is a yogic posture in which you hold your body upside down for a few seconds in the beginning and gradually increase the time as you advance. It feels weird yet … Continue reading The Hanged Man

The Empress

Keywords: Nature, Motherhood, Matters of family, Abundance, Protection, Creativity, fertility, Inspiration. Attributes: Venus Photo by Katarzyna Modrzejewska on Blood rushes into my head and makes me feel cozy(I want you guys to know I blush at the sight of the empress, lol.) every time I see empress in someone’s reading. Her energy is pure … Continue reading The Empress

The High Priestess

Photo by Wellington Cunha on Keywords:  Cycles, Flow of events, Psychological context of the situations, Patterns, Mysteries,  Spiritual Growth, stillness.  Attributes: Moon For me this card have always been very secretive and multilayered, The traditional meanings like a female would help and secrets will come to surface never worked for me. I don’t say … Continue reading The High Priestess

The Magician

Keywords: Creative energy, Skills, Will power, Self confidence, Magic, Action. Attributes: Mercury The will power (Thoughts and Desires) directed towards manifestation. If The Fool is pure potential, The Magician is the first step to shape that potential into something meaningful. When the magician appears in a Tarot reading it's time to pay close attention what you are manifesting in your … Continue reading The Magician

The Fool

Keywords: New beginnings, Fresh start, Sudden changes, Start of a new cycle, Purity, Fearless free soul, Courage. Attributes: Air Element The Fool is like free flowing life energy before it takes shape and manifest. It's like the field of pure potentiality containing all possibilities with in. Brahma before starting the game of creation! When the fool appears … Continue reading The Fool