Book a Tarot Reading 

Seeking answers to your questions or looking for overall guidance for your life? 

Do you want to know what is blocking your path to personal progress and success?

Don’t worry my Tarot Cards got you covered!

I offer Tarot Readings over the phone and in person, at my own office.

I do not offer Tarot readings at clients place, Meaning- I do not go to client’s house/office for reading their Tarot cards.

The process: You book an appointment and then we meet at my office or on the phone to discuss your questions, i then shuffle my pack of Tarot cards asking specific guidance for you and then share what i see.

Choose from the options below

45 Minutes Tarot Reading: ₹2000 / $59.99

I offer you 45 minutes of pure Tarot goodness, where you can ask your questions and receive guidance on all areas of your life (Love, career, finances or spiritual purpose).

35 Minutes Chakra Reading: ₹1400 / $24.99

Get in depth analysis of  your 7 chakras. With my chakra reading you get to know how balanced your chakras are or not?

Or what can you do to achieve the balance needed for the smooth functioning of your chakras, we discuss what is causing the blockage and how to clear it.

15 Minutes One Question: ₹700 / $15

Got a single question bothering you! Take the 15 minutes reading, where i scrutinize your question with my Tarot Deck and help you reach a conclusion in as quick as 15 minutes.


How to book your Tarot Reading:

STEP 1 – Make Your Payment

Choose which type of reading you want, you can pay me on PayPal or transfer money directly to my Bank Account (Contact or connect with me on my Facebook page for Details)

STEP 2 – Schedule Your Reading

Once the payment is confirmed, i will get back to you by email or phone and schedule your reading within the next seven days.

The readings will be scheduled only after confirmation of the payment.

NOTE: Before buying a reading make sure you read my Ethics and Terms carefully.